A complicated story to tell. Could have been told more concisely and eloquently.   
Fear Street: 1666
  Kevin James as a Nazi with an agenda to purify the world is weird. I don't know what to think about an exploitation genre, which has a 15-year-old killing Nazi convicts. The movie made a million dollars. We should all be ashamed of ourselves.   
  Well, if it wasn't clear before. Zack Snyder has proved that making a boring movie longer doesn't make it any better. And changing the resolution to fit outdated television sets makes no sense.   
Zack Snyders Justice League
  Pretty cool action scenes. Why do they have human actors in this movie?? Waste of screen time and budget.   
Godzilla Vs. Kong
  Wow, HBO has a way of getting you excited about a movie and then kickin' you in the crotch. At least they didn't hire a 100% white guy to play the lead. The ice effect looked cool.   
Mortal Kombat
  Why did this movie get made 🤦‍♂️  
The Ice Road
  Just the kind of bs you'd expect from a Hollywood summer blockbuster. We can only dream this franchise will go out of business  
Monster Hunter
  Another appropriation of 80s horror movies. A story that has been told infinite times. If you don't like yourself and don't want to deal with your problems. Fall in love. Cause that will solve everything.   
Fear Street Part One: 1994
  Pretty blah... Gen Z targeted mundane action movies. The creatures (aliens) were cool.   
The Tomorrow War
  Disappointing, adds nothing new to the slasher or horror genre. Takes some familiar horror genre characters and exploits them. Extremely one-dimensional character.   
Fear Street Part Two: 1978
  A fresh new comedy that follows the traditional comedy structure. Worth the watch, funny moments. Plot setup is obvious, but the humor catches you off guard. Laughed my ass off.   
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
  Well, not that it was bad. But had a high expectation and was disappointed. Definitely had some entertaining moments. The raw chicken addiction freaked me out a bit.   
Thunder Force